Cornell Reforesting the Tropics

Help restore the most endangered rainforest on earth

Creating A More Sustainable Model

The famous Amazon has lost roughly 25% of its forest, but the coastal forests of Ecuador have already lost 98%. The main driver of deforestation is slash-and-burn agriculture and cattle ranching.

TMA (Third Millennium Alliance) has preserved 1,500 acres of rainforest so far and is now directly addressing the causes of deforestation. Our Community Reforestation Program trains, pays, and equips local farmers to turn deforested farmlands into regenerative agroforests that restore the ecosystem while also producing food and cash crops for farmers.



Saving Species,
Storing Carbon &
Improving Livelihoods

Reforestation doesn’t happen without strong and immediate financial incentives. TMA’s Community Reforestation Program is an economic solution to an ecological crisis. We pay farmers to convert their deforested land into a regenerative agroforest that 1) produces food and income for their family, 2) restores habitat for wildlife, and 3) removes CO2 from the atmosphere.

At the end of this five-year process, farmers have their own revenue stream from high-value crops like cacao.

For more information, check out “Why Paying Farmers For Reforestation is a Game-Changer.”

Sponsor Reforestation Of An Acre/Farmer

Each reforested acre removes 78 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, increases farmer income by 4x, and restores an endangered rainforest. This program costs $600/year for five years to sponsor one family to reforest one acre.

Using the equivalent carbon price, the carbon footprint of the average American is valued at $700/year. For an average family of four, this jumps up to $2,000 per year.  Please consider offsetting your carbon footprint through a Cornellian-run program you can trust. It’s also a project that you can visit anytime, to come and physically walk through the forest that you are personally funding, and meet the family that is managing it. Check out our website for more details.


Building Big Red Momentum

This year our goal is to sponsor 40 farmers to reforest 100 acres. We want to scale up to 500 families that reforest over 1,000 acres over the next five years.

Our campaign asks you (or you and a friend) to signup to sponsor a specific family on a specific parcel using this spreadsheet. Then, using the button on the right, you can make the donation. It costs $600 per year over five years (or a one-time donation of $3,000) to sponsor one family on one acre.

Lastly, share this campaign link and the certificate badge with other Cornellians who understand that concrete action is needed to mitigate climate change and restore the biosphere starting yesterday. This is one way to do this together, now.